Sunday, February 28, 2010

Lab Scientist turned Lab-Artists

"Child's Science Lab Trace" by David Goldes
Image taken from David Goldes' web site:

It is a personal pleasure to write about a fellow college, and wonderful person David Goldes. 
Currently instructing at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design (where he is full time and I'm a lonely little adjunct in a sea of big names and great artists) - it is such an honer when people take the time to get to know each other.  As teachers, we are working as hard as the students trying to stay on top of the work they do for us, and then make our own work.
What I find particularly amazing about David Goldes work is how he is not just a photographer, but I also consider him a sculptor as well.  Looking at examples of scientific elements visualized through his work.

The changing of seasons in Fire Pond:  

Chain reactions
       "Chain reaction standi#3277C"                  "Waves, Particles etc"

 and definitely check out his Chain Reaction Videos at:

Mesh castings of laboratory equipment in his photo series "Traces"(as seen above in Child Lab Traces)

There are so many Great works of his- I highly recommend going to his Gallery Page -

where there are easily many many other pieces I could write about - but need to get to my own studio work at the moment.  A show that needs to go up in less than a week!
Lots to do!

To science, to art, to life
Viva La Vida!

Bubble In Inverted Jar
Gelatin Silver Print
By David Goldes
Image taken from the web site:

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Fantastic scientists!

This is where great scientist come from - they are inspired by those who love it as much as they do.
Thank you gentlemen!
we miss you Fred.

Thank you Phil for sending this to me!

Friday, February 5, 2010

From Science Friday - the Bots take on the Bard...

I just couldn't resist!
thank you Science Friday for posting this one!..

Video Bar for Art and Science discussions