Thursday, September 9, 2010

Art about memory, the science of the brain and universal experiences

I've been thinking a lot about experiences we all have. 

looking at the sky and seeing clouds
watching yourself being stung by a bug
looking at the bottom of a pool or late before you jump in
dreams about putting out fires or peeing - usually mean that you are wetting the bed.

teeth falling out in dreams
the dreams where you are being chased and it's like running through thick mud
the strength of vanilla and it's assocaiating memories

I'm thinking of those moments in movies and art when they call on this commonality. 

do people from other cultures have the dreams where they are giving a presentation and are naked?

Sleepwalker.  Eric Fischi  1948 - 1979

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  1. I think that the way the brain processes information is very interesting. I wonder why we have the dreams that we do?

    P.S. I imagine that other cultures have dreams that express the fear of giving a presentation, whether they are naked or not.


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