Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Andrew Vomhof Mapps the Cosmos in the rings of time

Just like the rings on a tree - Andrew Vomhof is working with digital technology (the rapid Prototyper), science and art to map the cosmos while connecting it to the Earth and celebrating the repeating patterns the exist in the world around us.

The white dots represent the nearby stars in the Milkyway, and their distance is measured by the radiating rings within the image itself.  They spread outward - celebrating that of the big bang and our eternal expansion.  Rings of history mapping our place in the Universe.

This work will be available at the MCAD art sale, or by contacting the artist:

look out for this artist's ongoing promising career.

"It's not much - --"  but I'd put my money on this kid for certain in the eyes of art and Science.

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