Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Vintage Earthday Posters - thanks to the wonderful mind and work of Kevin Burns

These images are courtesy of Kevin Burn.   .
Professor, Science Baccalaureate Program . in Visualization + Creative Management     Adjunct Professor, Sustainable Design Program
I intended on posting this months ago - but better late than never!

Due to the great Oil Spill going on in the Gulf, perhaps this is a reminder that this movement is not a fad, it's survival, and it's going to take great Visual people to illustrate this to the world!!

Kevin said about these works:

"Earth Day posters from the early 1970's, pulled off the web. Amazingly varied, as you'll see. I did include something I designed and screenprinted in California -- in '72 -- during my senior year in college there (last slide). Found it deep in my archives last week.

In hindsight it is pretty horrible *visually*, I recall taking a bus into San Jose and picking out a *trendy* sheet of Letraset type at Michael's Art Supply store there; I felt I was at my technical peak of photosilkscreening then, there wasn't anything I couldn't do. Some of the effort may have captured *the zeitgeist* I think; I was looking at Peter Max and Andy Warhol's color schemes I suppose.  While visiting *Peace Park* in Berkeley I found all the helicopters overhead both stunning and rather fearful, so snapped those and put some in. I was on a team in college right then in a one-semester environmental engineering course that built an *adventure playground* for Hispanic kids in San Jose, wherein we recycled truck tires as part of the park landscape (I did the photodocumentation). Showing how *repurposing* all those helicopters to deliver huge tires to the San Jose playground was (I guess) my *quasi-concept*; from a *2010 perspective* not exactly *carbon-neutral*, ouch!

11.5 x 19", seven-color photosilkscreen print, for what it's worth. Sadly, xylene-based ink [as I said above--ouch--and--cough!]."


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