Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Art and Human Evolution - for the Beaker and Brush series

“Our former assumptions that abilities such as creating art, tool use, problem solving, communication and even emotions; can no longer be attributed to humans alone. So what is it that makes Homo sapiens so different from the other species we cohabitate the Earth with? I believe, that it is our desire to ask and act on “What If?” - to visualize and create something that does not yet already exist. Humans can plan for the future and modify our surroundings. It was this creative revolution that brought humanity to the present day, but what about our future?
By observing what Janine Benyus refers to as “3.8 billion years of product felid testing” we can appreciate and learn from ecological solutions that have been potentially overlooked in solving our current industrial dilemmas. We should increase our opportunities to utilize our somewhat “underappreciated” right hemispheres of our brains.  We should place added value to skills such as imagination, empathy, and respect.  This same practice of asking “What if” (but on a global scale) is what will allow for humanity, and fellow planetary species, to persist further into our foreseeable evolutionary future.”
-Abbi Allan
June 13, 2011

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