Friday, June 10, 2011

Thinking about Evolution - about cats and dogs

So I was thinking.

Dogs have the ability to read human's faces better than humans can read each other.  Apparently, Dogs look at human faces on the left side first - to detect where our true emotions hide.  It's harder to control the response on that side seeing our left side is connected to the right brain (right hemisphere) - our feelings, pictures, sensory, nuance side - which is displaying itself without the chance to sensor it's self like the left hemisphere wants to (Logic, ego, language, order).

(*There are many articles about this, but I went for the easiest one.  :)  there are some GREAT PBS specials on this to watch.  it's MIND BLOWING to see it through science.)

Some of the research I find more interesting is that of all the hominids - Homo sapiens got the leg up - in a way, because we had this developing relationship with the  - what we now know as "the dog".

What I'm coming to the conclusion is that
1)  dogs and humans NEED each other......

2)  that we should celebrate this relationship  - and let dogs be in more places with us, rather than alone at home, without their co-evolved co-companion -->  Almost symbiotic if you will

3) Cats,
well, they just choose to like our company, and we should be flattered.  They totally don't need us, but don't mind us in this GINORMOUS bed they have.  :)  

oh yes, and you help with rats, mice, fleas and keeping away things like the black plague.  thank you

to our mammalian friends
I say thank you.

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