Monday, October 19, 2009

Beautiful Bodies - inside and out

Since teaching about Biomimicry, design, mapping, chemistry, biology, physics, and reading from the Web of life (interconnectedness of life related to quantum physics etc) - I keep seeing this constant theme that keeps resurfacing  -  that the FORM / STRUCTURE  of the design ALWAYS ENHANCES THE FUNCTION -

I think at a point that isn't 4am in the morning I will go further into depth with this for the moment - lets look at Neurons:

think about the internet
the "Web" - the concept is to have something that exists like a common -use-brain.  (*for better or for worse)
so figure - if we are each born with something like 10 billion brain cells (Neural cells -->  the little thick lumps in the middle), and 1000 billion of those connecting things (the structure of the entire neuron -->  think all of those little  branches or roots - or well - both).   The potential of the mind is
10 billion ^ 1000 billion  = (10 Billion times itself 1000 billion times)  - think like stars and all their planets in the entire universe... and a few parallel universes to boot.  (*all depending on who's #'s you are going off of of course - I'm looking at Capra's for neural info)

The actual STRUCTURE of the Brain (internally) - represents and directly corresponds to the FUNCTION of the brain, web, internet, social networking, etc...  and the STRUCTURAL INTEGRITY and survival of the STRUCTURE - is only enhanced further by the ACTIVITY and use of the structure.....

Function  = structure.

More will be added to this as it comes in of course

Thank you Karen Wirth for sending me these images!

These images are from an article about Macoto Murayama's work 'Inorganic Flora'

Which reminds me of a site that a student sent me to in relation to another student who was working on making solar prints. 
via the site :  "The museum of Jurassic Technology"

The work of Albert G. Richards   where I took these images from:

Thank you Tim for sending this to me.  The Art and science of electrical impulses that make us go.  What a pretty little internal world we are!

image taken from the site: Nikon's small world

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