Sunday, November 8, 2009

Happy 40th Sesame Street! -science and art

Thank you Sesame Street for teaching me the love of learning through the arts.  Well, the art of Rock and Roll, and installations.  Those puppets were so well crafted, the environment - that was fine art at it's best.  I don't believe that a medium is what divides art from craft - so I liberate you artists - go forth and use cloth, feathers, strings, googly eyes, and foam.  Make some greatness!

This song stuck in my head for YEARS!!!  thank a lot cooperation!  TO THIS DAY I BELIEVE IN VOLUNTEERING..   (totally kidding)  If anything formed by belief in sharing - this song and SM St. did.   Hey people dig it;  Cooperation, makes it happen!

And dude - what happens if you can't get no cooperation!  Their version of the Rolling Stones song

And where would this recent flu pandemic be without the 10 commandments of health - out of control I say -->  10 commandments of health

I developed my love of rock and roll, art and science via sesame street, so if you can't dig it then scram

Feist still teaches us how to count

They taught me to measure, which is very important in science, and in art!:

Most importantly

They made me value every moment with those around me, realizing I couldn't put time in a bottle, when Mr. Cooper died, and when Mr. Hensen himself died....  those who we love we should cuddle them forever in our arms like it was our last moment, because those are always hiding around the corner.  We  - no matter how much we wish - can't put time in a bottle.

Google talk about Sesame Street's 40th Anniversary:

Sesame Street even taught us to breathe

Thank you New York Times for the inspiring article and these images which you can find both at:

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