Sunday, November 29, 2009

Scientific Illustration Examples for my students (at the science museum today)

For my students in my Scientific Illustration Class:

The Right brain vs. the Left

Jill Bolte - what is it to live on the right side of your brain for a year?

Work of others:

Ernst Haeckel


Proteus Video: only 7 minutes of my favorite film

 Images taken from:

Here's some of my own work:
"reflections on Death" - Pen on paper. 2009

"Mr. Crumple's Last Day". Pen on paper. 2009

"Transport of Mr. Crumple" ink on velum. 2009

"Conversations in Passing" pen on paper. 2009
(and in sculpting)

Work of others your own age:

Saturday, June 27, 2009

 I taught scientific illustration and the working world definitely got my labor's worth - but I think it was worth it. Look at these great illustrations done by 9 year olds from observation!

YES! I taught them to draw, see with their eyes, and to trust and love the right brain. the kids are totally obsessed with right and left brain now.

Great X-Ray Art from the Natural Academy of Sciences

Beyond the field trip crowd
Posted by Lauren Urban   [Entry posted at 2nd April 2010 03:41 PM GMT]  Beyond the field trip crowd - The Scientist - Magazine of the Life Sciences


interview with a scientific illustrator

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