Friday, November 13, 2009

How Experience forms and re-forms your genes

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"How? How could these guys be identical and so, on such a different level, functioning-wise?
NARRATOR: So if genes don't tell the whole story of who we are, then what does?
Scientists suspect the answer lies in a vast chemical network within our cells that controls our genes, turning them on and off.
ANDREW P. FEINBERG (Johns Hopkins University): It's a little bit like the dark matter of the universe. I mean, we know it's there, we know it's terribly important, but we don't really know all that much about how that symphony gets played out.
MARK MEHLER (Albert Einstein College of Medicine): We're in the midst of probably the biggest revolution in biology that is going to forever transform the way we understand genetics, environment, the way the two interact, what causes disease. It's another level of biology, which, for the first time, really, is up to the task of explaining the biological complexity of life.
NARRATOR: Ghost in Your Genes, up next on NOVA.
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For each of us, there is a moment of discovery. We understand that all of life is elemental, and as we marvel at element bonding with element, we soon realize that when you add the human element to the equation, everything changes. Suddenly all of chemistry illuminates humanity and all of humanity illuminates chemistry. The human element: nothing is more fundamental, nothing more elemental.
And by David H. Koch, and..."

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