Monday, September 7, 2009

Kinetic Artists --> A post that will be added to over time

I was lucky enough to see this piece (I believe) a few years back during the Minneapolis (North East) Art Crawl "Art-A-Whirl". 
  I want to thank artist Jack Pavlik for these killer cool links.  Sound and Physics (*well it's all the study of waves - weather the HUGE ones - like Radio Waves, the more beautiful and intense ones we don't get to see - Ultraviolet, Ones that pulse through the universe from a dieing star (Pulsar) - Gama Rays.. and then beautiful sound.  Sound and motion take affect well in this piece of his called
Sound Sculpture 2, kinetic sound sculpture 1998
 and the 2nd (soundless unfortunately) video taken at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts

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