Monday, September 7, 2009

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I've heard a lot of fussing about keeping track of where we can keep track of our favorite links.
I can keep editing this post and adding to it as you would like!

I'll keep adding to this over the years I hope


•  X-Ray Artist (from science fridays' "video pick of the week"  -I can't list all of them, but I should!!

•  Proteus (2004) -->  a clip of the film
•  Panda's thumb (having a great nature photo-off)
• Performance piece about symbiotic relationships (dance)
•  3D modeling of skeletons - pick any of your choice here on Digital Morphology 
Source =
              search any species you want:

• Glass art
Image from:
Art work by Susan Derges
• Masaryk University Mendel museum in Bro, Czech Republic – Gallery of Contemporary art
• The Sciences – a now defunct art & science magazine that was just incredible!
• The Green Museum
•  a photographer and his methods of shooting nature with a scanner (from science friday)

• Science News

BIOMIMICRY – Bio Based Engineering:
• Robert Full on engineering and evolution
• Janine Benyus; “Biomimicry in Action”
• Janine Benyus shares nature's designs
• Another Biomimicry speech by Golan Levin
• Erosion
• Biomes
Environmental Indicators - Animal and Plant Die-offs, Extinction etc.
• Birds dying from vitamin deficiency
• Ben, the last captive Thylacine
• Cause for deformities – Frog Deformity Animals eating their legs off.
• Collecting and cultures
• How will the conversation change?
• Similar Body Plans
‘The Shape of Life” – PBS) -- home web site on:
• (STEPHEN JAY GOULD) – As revolutionary as Darwin.
• Punctuated Equilibrium à new theory of Evolution
• For more information about periods of extinction and geological time:
• Tweaking with the genome to get new shapes
• What are genes?
The Human Body:
•  My stroke of insight - Jill Bolte Taylor's discussion of what it was like to live on the Right side of her Brain for 3 years.
•  one of my favorite science Friday episodes:
rouge disection, local artist; Lynn Fellman talks about her DNA art, the invention of the telescope and more!

• (In this video - you*don’t need to watch the total 2 minutes of the computer model rotating, but the animated part is worth while)
• Bones
• How a bone repairs itself
• A list of historical anatomy books
• Morbid Anatomy: Surveying the Interstices of Art and Medicine, Death and Culture.
• More education on anatomy and prep of specimens for medical research
• Zookeeper
• Radio Lab
(Zoo Keeper’s Dilemma – can a zoo become a living museum?)
• Teaching About Zoos
• Rocket Park (Podcast)
Process work, How to document 
• How to document process. Sculpture and a lot of cowbell
Science Journals
• Science without Borders
• Science News
• The Scientist
• New York Academy of Sciences
• Scientific American
Social behavior, Communities, etc
• Ants
• Bonobo monkeys – society based on sex & the ability to walk upright, it’s advantages.
Space / time Project
• Rotation of the planets explaining the beginning of the universe
• Carl Sagan’s art filled segment from his book “the Pale Blue Dot”, the Video series “the Cosmos” etc.
Symbiotic Relationships
• Performance piece about symbiotic relationships (dance)
•  Amazon Rainforest plant life / Symbiotic evolution
• Why no one will eat a sloth – symbiosis by sloth
• why silicon valley is being surpassed by genetics
 Visualizing Information

•  A comic book artists renderings and work about how DNA and biology works.  I wish we could by this as our text book!  we should!  Local Artist Zander Cannon and Kevin Cannon work with writer Mark Schultz to create this fun and fantastic way of learning science!

• End of the world… possibilities
•  seeing skeletons in 3d models (Digital Morphology)

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