Wednesday, September 9, 2009

They Might Be Giants teaching science

Dan Hansen posted the first video -so credit given where credit do...  this was another Art / Science Connection I totally missed!

Here they are on Radio Lab

  One artist to another - who both love science,
how could you not love the educational yet oh so catchy tunes of They Might Be Giants.  (*link to their home page)
Click the song titles, watch the tunes (on u-tube...  because I'm not slick enough yet to get the video's directly. - some of it  - I found is on their site, so yeah, go to the source if you can... and if that fails, there's always u-tube.)
"Science is Real" by They Might be Giants

"I am a Paleontologist" by They Might Be Giants -->  if kids didn't want to be one before... THEY WILL NOW!  I sooooooo  want to surf a shovel with a dinosaur.  Back-up go-go dancing dino bones! 
"Why Does the Sun Shine" by They Might Be Giants (I love this one, actually very helpful when you study astronomy)  and well, they 'sexy' dancing cartoon sun is pretty awesome too)

and now the new and updated (I have to study) - what plasma is.....  Not as cool as the song before... in fact, "Plasma" sure sounds like light FM crap... No good way of updating your science gentlemen! 
"Why does the sun REALLY shine" by they Might be Giants.

"Particle Man" by They Might Be Giants  - particle physics explained. 

"the Electric Car" by They Might be Giants.  This is so pretty.  I heart stop motion   Beautiful artwork on this one.  Totally makes you love craft materials forever.  which i do.  (most of these are RECYCLED craft materials.  - EVEN COOLER!!!)

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