Friday, September 11, 2009

Other Images in relationship to the question below

Is it right for an artist to manipulate life?
 Helen and Newton Harrison’s work
Joseph Beuys’s rabbit at the art gallery,

Joseph Beuys
"How to Explain Paintings to a Dead Hare," 
 Photo from Performance on Nov. 26, 1965.
Image taken from the article written by Dale Holt "Eduardo Kack Flunks the Rabbit Test"

 Eduardo Kac (the guy with the big creepy grin) holding his GFP bunny)

“When the artist uses the tools of science – adopting the research methods as their artistic practice, do they perpetuate the frenzy by actualizing the fears they wish to have society consider and avoid? Specifically, I am thinking of the work of
Tissue Culture and Art Project Collective and Eduardo Kac. In their case, does the actualizing of a spectacle prove their point or lessen it?"
- how does this work compare with the work of Helen and Newton Harrison and J. Beuys?

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